Top 12 Dogs for Apartment Living

By ADDW / March 18, 2019

Choosing the right fur buddy  when living in an apartment  can be tough. Which dog breed do well in small places?  What dog is best for apartment living? If you are living in an apartment, you might have considered to let go of the thought of having a dog. 

However, you will surely be happy to know that there are a lot of dog breeds to choose from! Check out the top 12 dog breeds the make the best apartment fur buddy.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

At around 7 pounds, this extra-small wonder makes the list of best apartment dogs not only because he takes up little space but also because he is not a barker. He is also friendly with people and other pets and very adaptable to new experiences.

Source: Dogster

2. Maltese

The slightly larger Maltese (around 9 pounds) has a silky coat with no undercoat that sheds very little, making cleaning in a small space easier. He is also a quiet dog who mostly wants to be where his owner is, earning him a solid spot on this roundup of good apartment dogs.

Source: Dogster

3. Pug

This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. He’ll grow to be about 18 lbs (unless you over feed him and make him a big fatty!), follow you around the house, and want to sleep in bed with you. If you can’t stand snoring, then the pug is not your dog. He’ll wheeze louder than your drunken grandpa, who’s passed out in front of the TV. And his beauty is unique.

Source: Apartment List

4. Boston Terrier

While he will definitely need a daily walk to subdue his energy, a few trips around the block to stretch his legs are usually enough. Bostons are ideal apartment dwellers because of their size and coat: They rarely get larger than 25 pounds, and their short coat is easy to maintain with a simple brushing. They're also quick learners and easy to train.

Source: ​Nylabone​​​

5. Chihuahua

 little baby weighs in at 2-6 lbs, so she can definitely fit in your Fendi handbag. But you don’t need to be a reality show has-been like Paris Hilton to walk around toting one of these babies. Chihuahua’s can be bigger divas than J-Lo if overindulged, so remind your doggie who’s the boss. That being said, they’re affectionate, intelligent and fast learners.

Source: ​Apartment List​​​

6. Dachshund

Lively, comical, and kind, the Dachshund may be short in stature but not in personality, which is what Doxie lovers tend to value most about these stubborn little hounds. As loyal companions, they do want to please, and a positive, persistent approach to training will do wonders. Your Dachshund won't need long periods of exercise; when his daily walk is done, he'll be ready to nap. And if you choose the smooth-coated variety, you won't have to worry much about grooming or shedding, but the wire-haired and long-haired varieties will need some more attention. 

Source: Nylabone

7. Bichon Frise

Apartment List​​​Your Bichon Frise will get along well with other animals, should you already own any. His energy level is high, so be sure to take him for walks in the park and to play indoor games as well. Except scrabble. He’s intelligent, but c’mon, he’s still a dog. If left alone for long periods of time, the Bichon suffers from separation anxiety. Workaholics who spend all day and night at the office will break his fluffy little heart!

Source: ​Apartment List​​​

8. French Bulldog

His small stature and low energy make Frenchies the perfect apartment dogs. This big-eared buddy loves to play and thrives on human contact. He also has a short, low-maintenance coat that comes in a variety of color combos. Just make sure you don't mind some snoring, and keep him cool—he's susceptible to overheating because of his short snout.

From: Nylabone

9. Basset Hound

This breed might not seem likely to land on the list of best apartment dogs with his bulky stature (around 60 pounds), but like the Bulldog, he is a very calm dog who is easily kept busy with treat toys and lots of petting.

Source: ​Dogster​​​

10. Greyhound

These gentle souls are affectionate, playful, noble, and elegant. Even though he's one of the fastest animals in the world, he actually loves to lounge most of the time—he will be satisfied with a simple daily walk. He would especially love to go a safely enclosed area where he can indulge in some sprinting.

Source: ​Nylabone​​​

11. Great Dane

“Huge dogs” don’t seem to be good candidates for “great apartment dogs,” but the Great Dane (at a majestic 100 to 130 pounds) is such a natural loafer that, though your couch will probably be fully occupied, he’ll take up far less space than you might think. Add to that his calm demeanor, friendliness, trainability and quiet nature, and the Great Dane makes an excellent choice among best apartment dogs.

Source: ​Dogster​​​

12. A Bitza

What’s a Bitza you ask? A bitza this and a bitza that! In other words, a mixed breed, a mutt, a few little slices of heaven all mixed into one great dog. Mixed breeds are great because they tend to not have any super dominant traits. Since they’re a mix of different breeds, their personality traits tend to blend together into a much more mellow mutt. 

Source: ​Apartment List​​​


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