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All You Need to Know About Puppy Vaccinations

By ADDW / April 18, 2019

Like us, our fur buddies also need vaccination to support their immune system. Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your fur babies from many dangerous and even deadly diseases.In this article, we answered the FAQs regarding puppy vaccinations.FAQs About Puppy VaccinationsWhat are dog vaccines and why are they important?Vaccines help prepare a dog’s immune […]


6 Most Common Dog Diseases

By ADDW / April 9, 2019

Our fur buddies are unable to tell us exactly what’s wrong and where it hurts. So, as responsible parents, we should be able to recognize the symptoms of  potential health risks and seek professional help. Here’s a list of  some of the most common health problems our fur buddies may encounter.6 Most Common Dog Diseases1. CancerDogs […]


Potty Training a Dog in an Apartment

By ADDW / February 26, 2019

Yes, having a dog or a puppy is all exciting and fun. But as dog owners, we have one huge responsibility: Potty Training.We answered some of your frequently asked questions regarding  potty training your pup in your apartment.FAQs about potty trainingHow should I teach my dog discipline?The foundation of training should be based on positive […]


Best Way to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

By ADDW / February 18, 2019

Brushing your dog’s teeth? There are lots of questions for first time dog owners. What should I do, and what should I not do? There is a lot of conflicting information from the internet and fellow pet owners.Here’s a roundup of some common myths and questions, followed by a checklist of what to look for […]