Are Labradors Good Apartment Dogs?

By ADDW / March 22, 2019

Are Labradors good apartment dogs? Is it okay to bring a Labrador into a small apartment setting?

For a fact, Labradors are intelligent breeds and they are  extremely adaptable to any situation including apartment living. Yet, there are some things you also need to consider before bringing a Labrador into your apartment.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Labrador

1. Commit to Daily Time with Your Lab

Make sure that you’re willing to set time aside every day for regular potty breaks, leash time, and exercise. If your apartment is on an upper floor, then multiple trips downstairs (probably several times a day) for walks and bathroom breaks and will inevitably be in your future.

Source: Loving Your Lab

2. Provide Enough Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Many owners don't give this breed the exercise it deserves. These athletic, bouncy dogs need regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise they will become bored, which they may express by becoming rambunctious and destructive.

Source: Your Pure Bred Puppy

3. Devote Yourself to Potty Training

Puppies require more supervision than full-grown dogs in the potty training department. Training a puppy requires considerably more trips outside than a trained dog. And if your apartment is on one of the higher floors, this can prove especially challenging.  

Source: Loving Your Lab

4. Introduce Your Lab to Your Neighbors

Since you will be taking him on walks often, make him comfortable with his surroundings. For the first few days, take him on long strolls, around the neighborhood. He will enjoy a really slow walk. Let him sniff everything he wants to.

Source: ​Wiki How​​​

5. Visits to the Vet

Living in an apartment and in the city means that your dog will live and interact closely with other pets and people.

Regularly he will share and use common areas with other pets so it is necessary he is dewormed and have his vaccines up to date for his safety and that of others.

Source: ​City Dogs Life​​​


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